Gombe state Governor Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya has declared that the challenging experience the state went through in the 2020 fiscal year will be used to sharpen the vision of the government for the 2021 fiscal year and beyond.

The Governor made the declaration while presenting the 2021 proposed budget of the sum of N119,663,856,636.00 to the State House of Assembly for consideration stressing that, “As we are all aware, the art of nation-building is a collective responsibility, I, therefore, want to call on all of us to rededicate ourselves to the service of Gombe State as nobody will come and develop the state for us, other than ourselves.”

He further explained that “In coming up with this budget, we have set up various consultative processes involving various stakeholders. The 2021 Budget is therefore prepared with the user inputs gathered from the people of Gombe state, the Medium-Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF) and the Ten-Year Development Plan (2020 – 2030).”

He added that considering the enormous development challenges Gombe state is facing in all sectors – Economic, Social, General Administration, Law and Justice, the focus of the administration in the 2021 fiscal year are: Deepening the provision of physical infrastructure and Investing in human capital development; Enhancing investment in education.

Inuwa Yahaya further said that Strengthening and implementing social protection policies for vulnerable groups, poverty reduction and job creation for our youth; Promoting development partnership and trust and Strengthening healthcare system through the renovation, remodelling, construction and equipping of our healthcare facilities, the provision of skilled human resources and the implementation of universal health coverage through the recently established state health insurance agency will be focused on.

Another area to receive attention include, Solidifying our investment in agriculture; Strengthening our rural and urban transformation initiatives; Promoting the Ease of Doing Business in Gombe State; Enhancing internal revenue performance; Entrenching fiscal responsibility and transparency; Strengthening of the State Security architecture for peace and stability; Consolidating the gains achieved in our public and financial sector reforms; and
Addressing environmental challenges including climate change.

The Governor said that “At this juncture, Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen, to continue to meet the needs of our people, within available resources and to realize our aspirations, the sum of N119,663,856,636.00 is envisaged to be expended during the 2021 fiscal year.”

The 2021 budget proposal according to him is made up of N57,635,301,626.00 for recurrent expenditure, which is 48.2 per cent of the 2021 budget, N62,028,555.000.00 as the capital budget representing 51.8% which is to be financed by an estimated recurrent revenue of N75,293,163,000.00 and capital receipts of N62,457,861,374.00 explaining that the closing balance for the 2021 is N429,306,374.00.

He further explained that the Recurrent Revenue Receipts for the 2021 fiscal year, N75,293,163,000.00 is estimated to be generated from Internally Generated Revenue of N13,093,163,000.00; Statutory Allocation of N39,000,000,000.00; Share of Excess Crude and Petroleum Profit Tax (PPT) N600,000,000.00.

Others are: Value Added Tax (VAT) N12,000,000,000.00; Ecological Fund N600,000,000.00; Non-Oil Excess Revenue N500,000,000.00; Grants and Miscellaneous Receipts N7,000,000,000.00; Stabilization Fund N600,000,000.00; Exchange Rate Gain N1,000,000,000.00; Budget Augmentation N500,000,000.00 and Share of Solid Mineral N500,000,000.00.

The recurrent expenditure estimate for the 2021 fiscal year is N57,635,301,626.00 to provide for the Personnel Cost N22,713,005,526.00; Overhead Cost N15,812,845,900.00; Pension and Gratuity N4,155,200,000.00; Statutory Officers’ Salaries N168,250,200.00 and Public Debt Charge N14,786,000,000.00.

Inuwa Yahaya then assured that his administration will ensure that capital projects ongoing will be completed during the fiscal year while only those considered to be expedient to the good of the citizens will be started.

While receiving the appropriation estimate, the Speaker of Gombe State House of Assembly, Abubakar Mohammed Luggerewo assured that the members will study the proposal and do everything necessary to ensure that a workable and implementable appropriation was arrived at.Get more stories like this on Twitter


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