Paul Pogba will reportedly leave Manchester United in the summer of 2021 but there are conditions set by his current club that must be met for a deal to materialise.

There’s always going to be talk over Pogba’s future because he has never done anything to quench speculation, and quite clearly wants to leave Old Trafford.

Respected journalist Fabrizio Romano, however, believes this will be Pogba’s last season as a United player.

It’s the right call and the right time for it to happen because after four years since he returned from Juventus, Pogba has not lived up to expectations and the team often looks better without him in it.

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Fans were understandable miffed at the idea of Pogba’s agent

Fans were understandable miffed at the idea of Pogba’s agent revealing that his client would leave the club on the eve of their crucial clash with RB Leipzig in the Champions League. Pogba and Raiola both undermined the club, the manager and his players.

Aaron Ramsey and Adrien Rabiot are not top players United want in exchange, according to Romano, with the Reds holding out for either money or maybe someone like Paulo Dybala?

The Argentine has been linked with a Reds previously

The Argentine has been linked with the Reds previously, and if Solskjaer can get a midfielder in exchange he should look for one who is renowned for protecting a defence rather than a playmaker type.

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