St. Michael Foundation International Scholarship

The St. Michael Foundation International Scholarship Program is developing Africa’s next generation of leaders. The program allows students whose talent and promise exceed their financial resources to complete their education. With a vision that education is a catalyst for social and economic change, the program focuses on developing leaders who are transformative, encouraging them to be active contributors in their communities.

The Program provides financial, social, and academic support to Scholars. Financial support includes, but is not limited to, tuition fees, accommodation, books, and other scholastic materials. The scope of majors and degrees eligible for the St. Michael Foundation International Scholarship Program varies from institution to institution.

In this challenging and uncertain time, we want to affirm our unwavering commitment to the health, well-being, and education of all St. Michael Foundation International Scholars.

The portal was opened on 23 November, 2020

Deadline for application 11 January, 2021

Visit the Scholarship portal


    • Have sent them mails requesting why am not offered an admission but no response, I never get denied admissions cos I have a good certificate left alone from 3 institutions which I applied to through STMIF.
      It is well

  1. This foundation defraud me, but God would judge us.
    How do you advertised this scam in your portal without checking it thoroughly?


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